The jury has come back with the verdict: hypnotherapy works.

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Some Student Stories:

"The Wellness Institute Six Day Hypnotherapy Certification was the most valuable training of my 20 years as a Social Worker.If your experience is anything like mine you will learn to help clients actually clear and let go of the emotional debris of their lifetime wounds." - Ellen Siegel, LCSW

"Thank you for an amazing experience in the Six-Day; it was an honor to witness and benefit from your experience and passion for all that you do. I continue to be inspired." - Pam Dibbs, Certified Coach

"That training literally changed my life...within three months, two colleagues and I opened our own private practice"

23 stories from licensed therapists just like you:

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: "does hypnotherapy work?" The American Medical Association and the British Psychological Association came back with a resounding "yes" the 1950s. 

To help further clear up any confusion, we created this guide that includes quotes from the field, as well as stories from 23 of our recent graduates--each sharing their experiences working with Hypnotherapy as a treatment option. 

In this collection, you will read:

  • The differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
  • Scientific findings from five of the most influential medical journals on the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.
  • The many benefits hypnotherapy can have for your patients.
  • How hypnotherapy can help you improve your career or your private practice.
  • 23 unique stories from our graduate community.

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